“Now, the interviews and public interventions of Mr. Tsipras shout his desperation and political impasses, they divide the Greeks again, they target Greece, the port authority, but also Europe” says the Akis Schertsos, commenting on the interview of Alexis Tsipras in Alpha.

“In his television interview tonight, Mr. Tsipras essentially told us how proud he is of immigration policy which he implemented in 2015-2019. Back when Greece “had no borders” and was overwhelmed by unhappy refugees and immigrants. When whole islands had turned into miserable camps, like Moria, where thousands of human souls were piled up under inhumane conditions. At the time when Greece had turned into the No. 1 entry gate for the criminal networks of smugglers who treasure human misery,” says the representative of the ND.

“This policy he told us he envisions as a fair and effective policy to manage the immigration issue. He proved once again that he is “a Tsipras from the past” who irrevocably belongs to the past and cannot serve the needs of today,” notes Mr. Skertsos.

As the representative of the ND states, “Greece has again, thanks to the policy of the ND in the period 2019-2023, borders which it guards effectively. It implements a strict but fair immigration policy. It handles with dignity, sensitivity and humanity the refugees, migrants and unaccompanied minor refugee children who arrive at our door. It actively participates in the formation of a modern European policy with an emphasis on the controlled and legal
immigration. It is relentless against the networks of smugglers.”

“That’s why we leave behind the unrepentant nostalgia of yesterday and move forward steadily, boldly, so that from June 26, with the mandate of the citizens, we can get back to work for Greece. For all Greek women and all Greek men” concludes Akis Skertsos in his announcement.