The president of the nationalist action party launched an attack on the Greek government Devlet Bakhcelion the occasion of the shipwreck off Pylos.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbulthe Turkish politician argued, among other things, that Greece is responsible for the tragic shipwreck, adding that our country lied about how the port authorities handled the incident.

In detail, Mr. Bakhtseli emphasized:

“In Greece, off the coast of Moria, on June 14, a boat sank with the result that 78 people died and another 500 were missing. The Greek government is responsible for this drama and disaster, which also lied and must be held accountable. The Aegean and the Mediterranean must cease to be the seas of death.

Turkey needs the government of the People’s Alliance which represents the victory in Karabakh, the wisdom in foreign policy, the will in Cyprus and the national attitude in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Complaints from Celik to Greece as well

On the same wavelength and yesterday’s statements by Omer Celikwho once again accused our country of “turning the Mediterranean into a refugee graveyard” and “killing refugees”:

“Recently, a boat with 600 migrants sank while the Greek Coast Guard was trying to push it into Turkish territorial waters according to some reports or Italian territorial waters according to others. An international commission of inquiry should be set up on this matter and those responsible should be punished” quoted Celik and added:

“The Greeks they pierce boats and they let people die. This is after all the reason why the EU did not approve the budget of Frontex, which is responsible for the security of the European borders. This time the actions of the Greek Coast Guard should be considered as crimes against humanity. This is an attempt to kill people. The Greek Coast Guard is turning the Mediterranean into a migrant graveyard before our eyes. Those responsible must be punished”.