The refugee issue has been “raised” by Turkey in recent days, a few weeks before the NATO Summit in Vilnius.

As reported by Manolis KostidisTayyip Erdogan as well as the Turkish coastguard make successive references to immigration, perhaps pushing for Turkey to receive more money from the EU and NATO for the refugee.

At the same time, the Turkish authorities are accusing Greece of obstructing migrants in the waters of the Aegean and this issue may be raised by Erdogan to Mitsotakis.

After all, Erdogan also referred to the wreck of Pylos, accusing Greece that “no serious effort was made to save the people”.

As Tayyip Erdogan said: “We saw it once again in the disaster of the ship that sank off the Peloponnese last week and led to the death of hundreds of refugees. No serious effort was made to save the people, and this accident did not occupy the news as much as the 5 rich people who went to visit the Titanic. These oppressed people were forgotten in a short time like the thousands of lives that are lost in the waters of the Mediterranean every year.”

Erdoğan attack in France for the episodes: “They were sowing winds, reaping storms”

Besides, Erdogan also referred to the incidents that took place in the previous days in France, stressing that “attacks against Muslims are a matter of national security for Turkey, since as he pointed out, “we have 7 million Turks abroad”.

As he pointed out, “the source of the events that broke out in France and spread to other countries is the logic of social architecture. Most of the refugees are Muslims and they are excluded, living in ghettos and being oppressed. violence begat violence resulting in these events. As has always happened in history, those who sow wind reap storm.

Our brothers and sisters are the ones who are being attacked in their mosques, their homes, their clubs and their shops. Our own NGOs are under attack, when at the same time terrorist organizations are allowed to operate. For our country, which has 7 million citizens living abroad, the question of hostility against Turks and Muslims is not only a question of foreign policy, it is also a question of national security.”

Erdogan in USA and Sweden: We will not accept threats and blackmail. We will not back down if what we ask is not done

At the same time, Erdoğan makes it clear on the subject of Sweden’s accession to NATO that he will not accept threats and blackmail and that he will not back down if what Turkey requests is not done: “I suggest that they seriously consider the developments and do their duties. The whole world knows and should know that we do not succumb to blackmail policies, threats policies and provocation policies. Some of us don’t want them to change the name of their country, we just want them to stay true to what they signed. We expect them not to protect the members of the terrorist organization that thousands of our citizens are victims of, just as they do not protect the traitors of FETO. As Turkey, we want it to be known that we will not back down until we secure these,” said the Turkish president.

Arrest of seven Mossad agents by the Turkish secret services

Meanwhile, Turkey announced the arrest of seven Mossad agents who were operating in Turkey and were part of a network of 56 agents. After these arrests, it is questionable how Turkey’s relations with Israel will develop.