By Antonis Anzoletou

The 3% limit for a party to enter the Parliament was established in 1993. At that time it was an obstacle to the entry into the Parliament of minority formations, representing the Muslims of Thrace or individual candidates. The influence from Turkey could be limited – as it was – only if the candidates in question were elected parliamentarians through major parties.

Is it time for the limit to go up? From the government side they do not make any comment, as Maximou has set other priorities focusing on the bills that will come directly to the Parliament. And of course the Kyriakos Mitsotakis after the discussion of the program statements that started yesterday and the vote of confidence that he will receive on Saturday, his first concern is the coordination of the ministries so that the “blue envelopes” start to be implemented. The prime minister has pledged to restore the list in the European elections by removing the cross. With this as an occasion and the recent entry into the Parliament of new small parties, a debate has opened, at a theoretical level, the “threshold” that gives the ticket for the parliament to go up by 2 units. In German standards. It was, in fact, the subject of dialogue in wells in the Parliament during the swearing-in. “It is not present,” commented government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis when asked about the issue.

According to many, the last electoral contest should be taken into serious consideration and a way to prevent the entry of extreme parties into the Parliament, which could potentially alter the legislative project with their attitude. As an example, they cite the mobbings that occurred during the period when Golden Dawn was in Parliament, from 2012 to 2019.

According to the Constitution, for the increase of the limit to 5% to be implemented from the next election, the positive vote of 200 deputies is required. The new composition of the Parliament makes this very difficult. Assuming that no minor party would say yes to such a change some sort of agreement between ND, SYRIZA and PASOK to be accomplished. Otherwise, with a simple majority, it can be implemented from the following elections.

If the increase in the limit for the entry of a party into the Parliament is officially entered into the political debate, the debate that will open will be large and disagreements are expected to be recorded at the level of Constitutionalists. The 3% limit undoubtedly contributes to governmental stability. Its increase – despite the fact that in new political conditions with the opposition fragmented – may be considered imperative, but may affect the principle of equality of vote. Experienced parliamentarians believe that this debate cannot be held in earnest. The course of the new parties that entered the Parliament will show the acceptance they have in society. And from the moment they contribute to a meaningful dialogue in the Parliament with a calm climate and pluralism as the main characteristic, no one will bother further. If the right path is not followed, the European elections may be a first opportunity for change.