“Today, Mr. Erdogan announced that “the most basic issue he raised” with the Greek Prime Minister was “the issues of Western Thrace”, announcing also related Greek-Turkish consultations of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Mitsotakis must answer immediately if it is true that he accepted negotiations with Turkey on issues concerning Greek citizens” emphasizes in his announcement SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance.

“Especially after he took advantage of the issue of Thrace in the worst possible way during the pre-election period, proclaiming that he will raise it himself with the Turkish President and ignoring the consequences of his actions for national interests,” he adds.

“If Erdoğan’s statements are true, it is confirmed once again how dangerous Mr. Mitsotakis’ patriotism is for the country. We expect information and clear answers about the meeting with the Turkish President, about the issue of Thrace and about Mr. Mitsotakis’ references to “concessions” in matters of national sovereignty,” Koumoundourou concludes in her announcement.