The Secretary of the Central Political Committee of PASOK-Movement for Change spoke today Saturday on the “Kalimera” program of SKAI and the journalist Giorgos Autias, Andreas Spyropoulos.

Regarding the increases in the salaries of civil servants announced by the government, he noted: “One of the few announcements we made before the election was the increases in the public sector, which were necessary. Civil servants had not seen a raise for many years and inflation was galloping. Our criticism focused on the pre-election announcements of Mr. Mitsotakis regarding increases in the private sector. They promised the Greek citizens a 25% increase, when they themselves were committed to 13% in the medium term. It was a false promise of the New Democracy”.

Andreas Spyropoulos asked himself: “They say that they were prepared for the governance of the country and the Ministers of the Government have made three announcements and then taken them back?”

Asked to answer whether PASOK-Movement for Change will vote on the new bill for the vote of expatriate Greeks, he underlined: “I do not understand the anxiety of Mr. Mitsotakis and New Democracy. As PASOK-Movement for Change always does, it sees the bill that comes to the Parliament and votes for the good of the Greek people. We had also said before the election that the previous law, which New Democracy passed, was problematic. He accepted the recommendations of SYRIZA, the KKE and other parties, with the result that most Greek expatriates cannot vote. This is the reality”.

For ferry ticket prices, the Secretary of the KPE of PASOK-Movement of Change, pointed out: “All the acquaintances and friends I have asked have already booked tickets. Over 60% to 65% of Greeks had already booked tickets, until the government understood what was happening with the prices of the ferry tickets. It must intervene when it must, not after the fact.”

Finally, responding to the Director of the New Democracy Press Office, Nikos Romanos, who was present at the TV panel, according to whom there was a caretaker government in the country for the last months and there was no scope for intervention, Andreas Spyropoulos emphasized: “Mr. Romanos, until the end of May, you were the government. You are the ones who are allowing the filthy lucre to continue at the expense of the Greek people.”