“The unfolding heat wave is accompanied by an alarmingly high number of complaints of workers being exposed to extremely adverse conditions. With the most vulnerable and precarious categories of workers being the ones who once again find themselves unprotected”, says SYRIZA PS in a statement.

He emphasizes that “extreme weather conditions do not lead by themselves to such an extreme reality” and that “the fact that the implementation of health and safety measures in workplaces is at a limit is unfortunately confirmed by the explosive increase in occupational accidents this year ».

SYRIZA notes that “it is extremely worrying that we are already counting two fatal work accidents directly linked to exposure to high temperatures”. He points out that “in both cases the workers belonged to vulnerable groups and needed increased protection that was absent, revealing in a tragic way how the regime of indecency is at risk of becoming normal”.

Following this, the official opposition party argues that “in a regime of generalized delinquency, the political choices to discredit the Labor Inspectorate have left the workers alone” and that “at the same time, the Ministry of Labor is spent in the communication management of a gloomy reality”. “With so much anxiety for the right of the workers that, as we saw in the case of Rhodes, it ends up legalizing instead of punishing abusive behavior”, he comments.