Tomorrow, a notice for the recruitment of 250 people for ambulance crews in Attica will be published on the platform of the 1st Health Region, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis announced while briefing political editors.

The entire submission of the government representative

“The consultation on the bill regarding the abolition of restrictions on the facilitation of vote of Greeks abroad and which will be put to a vote within the next week.

The draft law that has been put up for consultation does not extend the right to vote.

It simply lifts the restrictions that were put in place in 2019, to ensure the required parliamentary majority, so that all Greek men and women who live abroad and are registered in the electoral rolls can vote from their place of permanent residence.

Any Greek woman and any Greek man living abroad could take a plane, for example, and come to Greece to exercise his right to vote. What the bill provides is that these fellow citizens of ours can vote from the place where they live permanently, a practice that is also applied in most European countries.

This historic occasion has created an unprecedented wave of support from Greeks around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of Greek men and women have created a resolution on an electronic platform by gathering signatures, while Greek Communities, Greek Organizations, Unions and Associations from all over the world are signing an open letter requesting the lifting of restrictions and the facilitation of the vote of Greeks abroad.

We hope that the political forces that had supported exactly the same provision in 2021 will also show consistency and respond to a constant request of all Greeks abroad.

It would be a positive message to see all political forces supporting this bill, although yesterday’s announcement by the Hellenic Solution presents artificial obstacles to not doing so, in an unprecedented folding.

It is a self-evident right of Greeks, wherever they are, to participate in the political events of their homeland, to have a voice and be able to use it.

And that is the aim of this bill. Let’s not exclude again, any Greek woman and any Greek man who is registered in the electoral rolls from what is happening in their homeland.

The responsibility of all parliamentarians and political forces is great. It is the duty of all of them to contribute to the legislation of this emblematic reform.

Let’s not turn a blind eye to a self-evident demand of Greeks all over the world.

One of the first and most central priorities of the Government and a personal commitment of the Prime Minister is the improvement of the National Health System and especially the restructuring of the EKAB.

Regarding the issue of EKAB, I am reporting a total of 3 first initiatives that have been taken within three weeks:

  1. 191 people from the Armed Forces, with special training, are located as ambulance crews based on PNP, in a total of 61 islands and hard-to-reach areas.
  2. In six islands with very high tourist traffic (Syros, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes) motorcyclists have already arrived in order to help by directly intervening in incidents.
  3. Tomorrow, it goes up to the platform of the 1st Ministry of Health, announcement for the recruitment of 250 people for ambulance crews in Attica.

It goes without saying that we will continue with speed in order to implement all of our commitments to the Greek citizens.

The previous days due to the heat were particularly difficult. Nevertheless, the state apparatus was fully prepared both for prevention and for dealing with issues.

Only on Saturday Fire Department he was called upon to deal with 46 forest fires, which he brought under control without spreading to residential areas.

As informed by Independent Labor Inspection Authority there were complaints about cases where the Ministerial Decision defined the suspension of work and this was not respected.

Levels of auditors who were on alert throughout Greece responded immediately, the required actions were taken and the circular was implemented, even reaching the imposition of fines.

At the same time, there were no serious problems in the electricity distribution network either. Of course the load was increased due to heat, but everything went smoothly.

As we are informed by National Weather Service that the heat wave will continue this week too, the state machinery will continue to be on alert.

There will be continuous information from Civil Protection on the conditions of the heat wave and the measures to deal with it, so all citizens and especially those who belong to vulnerable groups should faithfully follow the instructions of the authorities for their safety.

Today the Prime Minister goes to Brussels in order to participate in the Summit of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

From Wednesday, July 19, the Prime Minister will continue his visits to Ministries and will be at the Ministry of Environment and Energy.”