“This year, since March, the Ministry of the Interior has allocated 25 million euros to Municipalities and associations of Municipalities to deal with issues of the fire prevention period compared to 18.4 million euros that were until 2021. That is, we have increased the amount given by 36%” , the member of parliament for East Attica of the ND and former deputy minister of the interior told SKAI 100.3, Stelios Petsas.

He mentioned that this money has already been given and since last year it has been determined that at the end of the firefighting period, an account will be given of the distribution of the money that has been made.

He specifically added that “180,000 euros were given to the Municipality of Lavreotiki and to the municipality of Saronikos, from 89,000 and 82,000 respectively that had been given in 2021. With regard to the Kouvara forest that stretches across two municipalities, 250,000 were given from 150,000 euros that had been given in 2021” .

“When the fire season is over, we will have a full account of where this money went. Actions have already been taken for equipment and personnel. For staff, the possibility of contracts increased to five months,” he added.

Mr. Petsas also mentioned that since last year a provision has been passed where if the citizens do not proceed with the cleaning of their plots, the municipality can enter them and clean them.