Mantzos: The so-called staff state failed again


The Press Spokesman of the Movement, Dimitris Mantzos, spoke today on the SKAI 100.3 radio station and on the show “Diary” by Pavlos Tsimas, where, among other things, he stated:

• It is certain that there are responsibilities in government bodies and government policies. Both at a preventive and operational level. They must be delivered, in a timely manner, in a detailed and objective manner.

• We wonder, if this happened with such an early warning, what will happen when we have truly unpredictable phenomena? We had timely scientific information, but there was no substantial preparation of the state mechanism. We heard two twenty-four hours before the bad weather hit that the state mechanism is ready. But all we saw were meetings with an unknown subject and simple recommendations.

• The responsibility of the private concessionaire of Attiki Odos seems to be great. However, the responsibilities of the Government can not be met. The ban on heavy vehicles should have been enforced in time by the state machinery. The responsibility can not be placed on a company for the Government to “get oil”.

• The so-called staff state of New Democracy failed once again. By its own law, a special Ministry of Civil Protection and Climate Crisis has been created, which has completely failed at every opportunity.

• They left the Local Government alone yesterday and then threw the responsibilities where it suited them. Some municipalities have been left, with the meager means at their disposal, to do their job alone. The general coordination belongs to the Government, which is called to coordinate and invite the Region and the municipalities to cooperate.

• A stable model has now been created: a Government that always throws the blame elsewhere: either on the Local Government or on individuals or – and there it is the most problematic and the most brazen – on the citizens, and holds nothing on it. Holds only power, management and communication.

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