By Ioanna Mandrou

After last night’s developments, the testimony of the president of the Spartan party, Vassilis Stiga, who has been summoned today before the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, is expected to be typical, except for the unexpected.

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court had intervened after the public complaints of the head of the Spartans, who had spoken about the Greek mafia and behind-the-scenes practices of an illegal type in his party, with hints about the role of the Golden Dawn inmate Ilias Kasidiaris.

However, shortly before he himself crossed the threshold of the Supreme Court for testimony, there was a reversal, an agreement to return to the party of three expelled deputies, while the president of the Spartan party himself publicly retracted the allegations of illegal movements, “Don Corleone” and so on.

The developments of the last moment that changed the facts, at least for the time being, in the Spartans party, give Stiga’s testimony before the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Georgia Adelini a different meaning and possibly a formal dimension.

However, information indicated that the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who intervened to investigate the allegations made by Vassilis Stiga, is said to be willing to try to find out everything she can with questions, and mainly about Stiga’s complaints about “Don Corleone”, which many interpreted as refers to Ilias Kasidiaris.

However, Kasidiaris-Spartiaton relations are a gray environment which concerns the government more centrally, some are talking about possible legislative initiatives, while it is not excluded that if Kasidiaris’ invisible leadership in the Spartans proves to be criminal, administrative and other processes, given that the the law forbids those imprisoned for criminal organization to participate in electoral processes, but also to be invisible leaders in political formations.