By Penelope Galliou

The leadership and their deputies are trying to collect the “uncollected”. Spartans after the intra-party earthquake they caused, with mutual accusations, within themselves and realizing the consequences for the political and economic status of the party, both sides dropped the tones overnight. The “truce” between them came after the long-hour meeting they had, proceeding to mutual retreats with perhaps more important for the future of the party, the holding of a conference, probably after the end of autumn. A possibility that Vassilis Stigas “conjured up” a few days ago, considering that his deputies would try to depose him from the leadership of the party by registering new members and changing affiliations. The “fears”, however, were allayed after the assurances of the Spartans’ deputies to their president, that the reason for the pressure concerns the implementation of the party’s constitution and the regulation of matters concerning the party’s financial committee that will manage the state grant. “There will be a conference in the near future which the party will operate as provided by its constitution. It is not a possibility, it has been agreed upon and will be determined after the fall,” a party official told SKAI.

A pivotal role and decisive in the developments will be the judicial investigation that began after Vassilis Stiga’s complaints about the Greek mafia, which of course he tried to reconstruct during his testimony at the Supreme Court’s prosecution, as it emerged based on his subsequent statements. “There are methods which refer in many ways to Greek mafia or Don Corleone, as I said. There are methods
-By whom;
– From non-parliamentarians” declared the president of the Spartans while trying to shake off any relationship with the imprisoned Ilias Kasidiaris. “I never said that Mr. Kasidiaris was giving instructions from Domoko. We had no relationship with Mr. Kasidiaris, no telephone communication and nothing more. I support him for the municipality of Athens and we finished there” he concluded.

THE 180 degree turn from their previous positions, which led to the internal party rift, was continued by all the members of the Spartan parliamentary group and was sealed with a statement of support for their leader. “The signatories of this statement MPs of the Spartans Parliamentary Group, being aware of the responsibility to our voters but also to the Greek people, who are plagued by serious problems, declare our willingness to unreservedly support the president of our parliamentary group and confirm the unity of the party”, said the Spartan MPs, among others. “We said that we are moving forward together now, since there are no issues for us, because if there were issues for us, you understand that he would go to the prosecutor to continue what he said” said to SKAI and in the same spirit the MP Ioannis Kontis who returned to KO after his deletion.

The unprecedented developments in the Spartan party caused a confrontation in the Parliament as well, with Thanos Pleuris expressing his surprise that in one week there were deletions as well as independences in a party following complaints from the president of the party himself and commenting “Ilias Kasidiaris, he not only has influence, but controls the parliamentary group”” meaningfully assessing that everything was forgotten after the summons from the prosecution.
And Michalis Katrinis earlier he declared from step by step that “We now have clear indications, as well as confessions, about the real leadership of this party, which refers to the imprisoned Kasidiaris. I have one question to address only to the government: Will it finally implement the law? Will the Greek State continue fund a party led by a convicted and imprisoned leader or will he apply the SC’s jurisprudence?”. A position that provoked the reaction of Vassilis Stigas, who attacked the PASOK parliamentary representative and asked “if Mr. Katrinis is a judge or a prosecutor” stressing that there is no decision against the Spartans.

Lavros against the Spartans and the parliamentary representative of the KKE, Nikos Karathanasopoulos, who noted that the KKE “leads the battle to crush all kinds of fascist and Nazi formations and combinations, which are not anti-systemic parties but the puppets of the system, which exploits them the system as they see fit”.