Immigration is again in the news. This time on the occasion of an incident with 30 refugees who had boarded an inflatable boat from Kusadasi to Samos. However, they confused their course and landed without realizing it on a beach in Turkey.

This is a document that shows how the flow of refugees and immigrants in Turkey continues, the SKAI correspondent broadcasts from Istanbul. Manolis Kostidis.

The SHOW TV news report said: “Thirty refugees had taken an inflatable boat and set off to travel to Greece. But they lost their way and instead of landing in Greece, they went to a beach in Aydinio. Do not believe! We only missed you…

They messed up their course and suddenly the women’s beach was filled with migrants. Those who were enjoying the sun and the sea could not believe what they were seeing. The 30 refugees had boarded an inflatable boat to escape to Greece. But things didn’t go as planned and they went to the beach.”

Turkish media: “The US is delaying the Turkish F-16s. Biden is waiting for Erdogan’s decision on Sweden”

“The US will sell the F-35s to Greece, they will not wait for Turkey for the F-16s,” comments the Turkish media.

Ali Cinar, HABERTURK correspondent in Washington said: “We see that in the conversation between Biden and Erdogan that took place on the leg, the issue of F-18s and Sweden was raised. And President Erdoğan expresses a justifiable censure. Because the Biden government declared that the two issues of Sweden’s accession to NATO and that of the F-16s are not connected.

But President Erdoğan stated that the two issues are related, President Biden is talking to us and connecting the two issues. Now all eyes are on the decision of the Turkish Parliament regarding Sweden. In Washington now there is a wait-and-see tactic.

Congress in the US is already working and if there is no tension on the F-16 issue it should pass through Congress. But Washington is delaying and will proceed according to the decision that Turkey will take. Also a news from the background is that the sale of the F-35 in Greece will somehow happen. Because there was a plan to sell F-16s to Turkey and F-35s to Greece at the same time. But because the issue is delayed, Greece’s pressure on the F-35 issue has increased.”

Turkish analysts are preparing the ground…

Of course, Turkish analysts comment that “we do not need the F-16s since we are preparing the national fighter KAAN”, preparing the Turkish public opinion for a possible US “no” for the F-16s.

Erai Gützluer, an analyst at the ASAM research center, said: “Kaan’s prototype aircraft will take off on December 21st. This I know. And after takeoff, there will be 5 phases of development. By 2028 they will build 5 new standards”

CNN Turk reporter Fulia Ozturk asked: “So we won’t need the F 16s?”

“But the F-16 is a 4th generation fighter, while this particular aircraft is a 5+ generation. What else do I need to tell you? But what F-16 will dare to engage in air combat with this aircraft?” the analyst replied.

Erdogan to Europe: “This situation cannot continue with postponements”

“Every trade corridor to Europe passes through Turkey”

The Turkish president said: “For 50 years, has the West kept the promises it made to us? In the matter of (our accession to) the EU, they have been postponing it for 50 years. Today we met and told the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. This scale cannot carry this weight.

There is no trade corridor without Turkey. The most suitable line to connect the East with the West is from Turkey. We are talking about a road corridor that goes to Europe through Iraq, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Turkey.”