Yesterday, Monday, the candidate for the president of SYRIZA – PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, was in Makronissos making a symbolic visit.

In fact, Mr. Kasselakis also posted a relevant video from his visit, in which he was accompanied by the party’s State Member of Parliament, former head of the Greek Greek Orthodox Church and admiral, Evangelos Apostolakis.

See the post:

“I am here to speak to the people of my generation and those younger than me. Because in the textbooks, Greek History ends in 1940. So here, in Makronissos, opposite Attica, Greece was cut in two. We must be honest with our hurts. Because only then can we heal them. Thousands of people who insisted on being Leftists were transported to this arid land. To be “fixed” with wood and torture. To become good citizens for the post-racial state of the Right. But they did not betray their ideas.

Between them:

Giannis Ritsos
Mikis Theodorakis
Tasos Livaditis
Nikos Koundouros
Manos Katrakis
Menelaos Ludemis
Nikos Karouzos
Titus Patrikios

And so many more… Are you saying they agreed on everything? Are you saying they didn’t have disagreements, different approaches? But they stood by each other. They literally carried each other. They envisioned a world in which everyone would have a share in the light.
This is what we must do today.

Elections are a competitive process. This often makes us forget who we are, where we come from and what we want to achieve. Collectively as a party and not individually as candidates. Because the collective is greater than each individual.

That is why we will all be together. In one word: Solidarity. Solidarity between us. To then build a state of solidarity for all citizens. A society with fair rules. No privileges for the few. With education, health, welfare, concern for the environment.

With opportunities for everyone to achieve their dream, regardless of where they were born and how much money they have in their pocket. For a state that does not drown its citizens, does not burn its citizens, does not treat its citizens as expendable. Modern Left is man at the center. It is the living history that belongs to all Greeks. It is Greece ahead, far from the hatred that divided it in two. I want to fight for all of this. Let’s start from the beginning. As Ritsos wrote here, on these soils: “It’s like opening a door in the morning and saying good morning to the sun and the world.”