“In my entire political career, I have not learned to run away.”

This is what the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, responded to in response to the scenarios of his resignation, making it clear that he does not intend to resign.

In any case, he added, speaking to ANT1, that “the formation of the government scheme is the exclusive prerogative of the Prime Minister”.

Regarding the bad weather Daniel and the multitude of problems it caused, especially in the Thessalian plain, he spoke of an extreme phenomenon, stressing that 600-800 tons of water fell per hectare within a few hours, while at the same time the bad weather hit other areas as well including Attica.

Mr Kikilias defended his Ministry’s handling, saying that special instructions had been sent several days before the bad weather hit and that the 112 alerts were all sent on time.

Answering the question of what could have been done better, he said, among other things, that “we could not have called for the evacuation of the Thessalian plain in the midst of extreme bad weather and put 230,000 people on the street. It would be criminal to do so».