Under the shadow of the recent tragedy at the port of Piraeus, with the tragic death of the 36-year-old passenger Antonis, the handover to the Ministry of Shipping took place yesterday afternoon.

The new Minister of Shipping Christos Stylianidis took over from outgoing minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis.

Mr. Stylianides, referring to Greek shipping, said that it is our great weapon and our ability to be everywhere in the world. He characterized it as the great power of Hellenism to have influences where no one believes it.

“This ministry is the image of Greece to the outside,” he said. Regarding the island policy, he said that our islands are among the most beautiful in the world and that they should be helped and strengthened to become stronger.

Referring to the recent bad weather that hit the Thessaly he said that the country is going through difficult times, stating that it is an event that has shaken us all and created so many problems.

At this point he said that “All Greeks together, regardless of party and ideological position, should see how we will work so that the next day finds us both united and effective.

“From this ministry we will help as much as we can. The prime minister is the helmsman and we, as soldiers, should help each one from his post,” said the young Minister of Shipping.

“Good success and Saint Nicholas on your bow” wished Mr. Stylianidis the outgoing minister, who thanked for all this time the officers of the port corps for the work they do tirelessly and with self-sacrifice to cover the multifaceted work of the ministry Shipping.

“I always feel like a man of the sea and I will always have confidence in the people who act and operate in the maritime field,” he said.

He pointed out that he “always believed and believes that the sea for Greece is the way in which it deals with its problems, expands its influence and strengthens its global presence and its national economy”.