By Antonis Anzoletou

Deadly floods have dominated the political agenda, but there are several open issues that will concern the Parliament and the news in the next period with first that of Spartans. The risk of disbanding their parliamentary group was removed when, on the eve of Vassilis Stiga’s testimony at the Areopagus, there was a big “upheaval” and the complaints about “Greek Mafia” and “Don Corleone” were automatically forgotten. This, of course, does not concern the judicial authorities, as from the Prosecutor’s Office Supreme Court nothing less than continuing to investigate the serious allegations made by a party leader is expected. And even from the Plenary floor. Simply put, a political leader must measure his words. The “seven” deputies who had remained with Vassilis Stigas quickly became 11 again and only Konstantinos Floros remained independent.

Everything was done in record time and political and judicial actors agree that Vassilis Stigas understood that eventual proof with evidence of the accusations will have direct and heavy implications on the parliamentary future of the Spartans. If Ilias Kasidiaris is the real leader since a law has been passed that forbids any of his involvement – ​​even at an inconspicuous level – then things will be very difficult for the fledgling party. The funding of the Spartans will be threatened and therefore things will become very difficult for Vassilis Stiga in view of the upcoming European elections.

Enough Constitutionalists they are already talking about the judgment of the Electoral Court which is expected after the appeals that have been made. Only the Supreme Special Court can judge whether Kasidiaris is behind the Spartans. In the event that the decision is condemnatory, the most likely scenario is that the seats of the Spartans will be distributed to the other parties based on the distribution of the enhanced proportionality with which the last elections were held. A typical example is the 2nd Thessaloniki, where all the opposition parties – and the Spartans – took one seat except for PASOK.

The possibility of re-run elections should be ruled out. There are, however, jurists who argue that the Supreme Special Court does not have the authority to check the legality of the participation of the Spartans, because this was decided in the process of declaring the candidates by the Areopagus.

However, from the moment that a decision of the Electoral Court is issued in the last year of the government’s term, there is a possibility that the vacant seats will not be filled and the Parliament will complete its cycle with 288 deputies. For the exclusion of Ilias Kasidiaris from the upcoming municipal elections, amendments have been submitted to the Parliament and the SYRIZA and PASOK and therefore the debate will inflame the pre-election period that has already begun.