History characterizes yesterday for him SYRIZA-PS in her statement the secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-PS, Rania Svigou and adds that “the new page for the party started in the best way”.

In her statement she says: “Tens of thousands of left-wing, progressive citizens gave a resounding message. SYRIZA-PS is here, strong, powerful, determined. With a lot of people who signed up for the first time in the party. And with a process that went perfectly, despite the long wait, due to the huge turnout. The members of the local electoral commissions, all over the country, worked hard for the elections. As well as the members of the Central Electoral Commission, who carried out their difficult task perfectly. But both the candidates and the candidate gave a collective and hopeful fight, for the next day of the party and the country”.

In closing, she turns her fire against the government: “The new page of SYRIZA-PS started in the best possible way, and it will continue like this next Sunday. Let the arrogant Mr. Mitsotakis and N.D. They are not alone, they are not omnipotent, they cannot and will not be uncontrollable.”