In its affected areas Thessaly were found today European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, Nicolas Smit, the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis and the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Christos Triandopoulos.


After flying by helicopter over the affected areas of Thessaly, Messrs. Smith, Hatzidakis and Triandopoulos found themselves in Karditsa, where they had a meeting with the president of the Local Organization for Sanitary Improvements (TOEB) of Tavropou, Mr. Athanasios Markinos and farmers of the area. Then they went to Larissa, where they visited the coordination center in the building of the Region of Thessaly and were informed by the governor of Thessaly, Kostas Agorastos.

Finally, they visited the Social Welfare Center of Thessaly in Volos, where 18 flood victims are accommodated. There they were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Social Cohesion and Family, Mrs. Maria Kefala and the president of the Center, Mrs. Dimitra Pappa. The European Commissioner, the Minister and the Deputy Minister had the opportunity to tour the centre, see the damage caused by the bad weather Daniel and talk to citizens who were affected.

The European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmidt, said: “We had a meeting last week in Strasbourg with the prime minister, with the minister, with the president of the Commission and some commissioners and we discussed how the European Union can support Greece and specifically the affected area. I decided to come to the region as a commissioner and I saw that the dimensions of the disaster are such that I could not have imagined them. The impact on residents, the economy, the agricultural sector, infrastructure is huge. Now it is up to the European Union together with the Greek government to find the right ways to help the region immediately. So what we need is immediate targeted help to people who need it and who are affected. This is what we discussed and I hope very soon this solidarity of the European Union can be activated for the benefit of the citizens who are suffering”.


The Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, made the following statement: “We are here doing our self-evident duty. But the European Commission is also with us, through Commissioner Schmitt, sending a message of solidarity. But they are here at the same time to organize together everything that needs to be done, so that the help for all those affected, for the farmers, for the villages, for the infrastructure, from Brussels comes as quickly as possible and is as effective as possible”.

The regional governor of Thessaly, Kostas Agorastos, noted: “I want to thank the Commissioner, but also the ministers who are here in Thessaly, to have a sound and an image of reality. I would also like to thank him for the help of the European Commission. At the same time, he saw the great destruction that took place. We will and will continue to demand even more for people, but also to further change the plan in Europe so that it is more flexible in large, extreme disasters.”