By Antonis Anzoletou

In the camp of Stefanos Kasselakis, they don’t seem to care that they will get the “smudge” of not holding the debate. Traditionally, after all, the one who loses calls for a telefight and the difference of nine points has given him an “air” of victory. The recipe of reaching out to society has proven to be successful and he is expected to continue to do so through tours throughout the week. Yesterday he was in the flooded areas of Thessaly and today he is expected to speak in the evening with members of the party in Chalkida.

THE Efi Ahtsioglou will continue the “hard rock” that began on Sunday night by giving interviews to the mass media.

The thermometer between the two contenders for the leadership of SYRIZA has already turned red and shows that whoever wins the next day in the party will be difficult.

The deck is expected to be shuffled quite a bit, as the registration of declarations of old members who will go to the polls this Sunday continues.

The deadline is this afternoon and by last night they had reached 3,500. THE Nikos Pappas with the meeting he held with him Stefanos Kasselakis in Parliament he made it clear that he supports him for the second round. With a statement on Facebook, avoiding mentioning names, Mr Euclides Tsakalotos showed that he is getting along with Efi Ahtsioglou. And the executives of “Umbrella” with their statements are in favor of the candidacy of the former Minister of Labor.

Stefanos Tzoumakas launched a fire against Stefanos Kasselakis from the TV station KONTRA, speaking of a system of entanglement and oligarchy that infiltrated SYRIZA to control the party with the aim of its defeat, division and dissolution. It is recalled that the member of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA received 1,914 votes during Sunday’s election process.

In Koumoundourou, a new intra-party landscape has been created with two opposing camps. Nikos Pappas, with the support of Stefanos Kasselakis, “meets” Pavlos Polakis and several people from the presidential team. Efi Ahtsioglou, even if she does not succeed in making the coup, wishes to register significant forces and with the help of many leading executives to be a force to be reckoned with in the party that will have the majority. On the way to the Congress, developments will be rapid in Koumoundourou, as the departure of Alexis Tsipras brought tectonic changes.

In the event of his victory Stefanou Kasselakis it will come much more strongly to the table the possibility of the resignation of one of the three state deputies and four more that precede the 35-year-old businessman on the list compiled by Alexis Tsipras this summer.

Is this an institutional acrobatics?

It will certainly be difficult for the official opposition not to be represented by its leader in Parliament for four years.

Everything in Koumoundourou is changing and those who envision a completely new party may very soon see it in front of them. Who would have imagined that with the end of this year’s elections such dilemmas would enter Koumoundourou?

You do…