New shots at her rival for the presidency of SYRIZAlaunched the Efi Ahtsioglou. In an interview with Lifothe Mrs. Ahtsioglou reiterated that the only political proposal on the table is hers and she declares that of course she insists on holding a debate. However, Mrs. Ahtsioglou noted that the fact that she is a woman has worked negativelywhile adding that the report itself of Mr. Kasselakis to herself under her first name, against the reference to Mr. Tsakalotos with his first name, it shows “derogatory “pen” precisely because I am a woman”.

In particular, Mrs. Ahtsiglou in the question “Do you think the fact that you are a woman is an advantage or a disadvantage in this election campaign? Did you feel that Mr. Kasselakis called you by your first name in his recent statement, or was it an attempt to show intimacy?”, he answered:

“Obviously my gender has also worked negatively and I suspect that any woman in my position would tell you the same if she wanted to appear honest. There is one ingrained sexism and very deep male stereotypes in Greek society. Even people positively situated towards me, find it difficult to accept a woman who will not have the position of supporter, adviser or secretary next to a powerful man, but she will be at the wheel herself. This also happens within SYRIZA-PS, although to a much lesser extent than in other parties. In reference, now, to the second question, why did Mr. Kasselakis address Euclid Tsakalotou, who is a man, by his first name in the same statement? He would tell him, moreover, go on tour together or “come on, it’s over” and don’t make it to the second round? And no, it doesn’t even come into the question of intimacy, since, as I told you, we barely know each other. He addressed me with this derogatory “pen” precisely because I am a womanbut I I am one of those women who are determined not to submit to the ‘natural’ trend of things, ending up decorative in a male-dominated universe.”