The gauntlet thrown to him by Efi Ahtsioglou picked up Stefanos Kasselakis from Aegaleo, where he spoke with his supporters. The candidate for the presidency of SYRIZA, a few hours before the polls opened on Sunday, answered indirectly but clearly to his co-contestant, saying characteristically: “Whoever says that I have no political content, does not respect the intelligence of the world.”

In fact, for the first time he showed that he was losing his temper, having an intense dialogue with a journalist, who tried to ask him about the criticism he receives and the statements of Nikos Filis.

“What do you answer to Nikos Fili…”, the journalist tried to ask.
Kasselakis: “No, half a minute, I’ll make a statement first”
Journalist: I am also a journalist and I ask questions”
Kasselakis: “I am a politician too. I went to Karditsa and saw pain. To respect people’s pain There is no need to have irony.
Journalist: “No irony”
Kasselakis: “I am here to answer politely. First I will make a statement and then I will answer questions”
Kasselakis: Let the tone fall on SYRIZA

In his statements about military service, he claimed that he is the only one who has submitted proposals and added: “Anyone who says that I have no political content, quite simply does not respect the intelligence of the world. I have made clear proposals” he said with emphasis”.

“For the army, I have said as a goal, that the front line must be professional, that our soldiers have family planning and very good salaries. For the second line, I want there to be social service. That both boys and girls can contribute to their country. The goal is not to waste 9 months of your life. Time should be productive for his life.”

When asked how many months he proposes, he said all this will be done in consultation with society. “It is not possible for a candidate to do an entire costed problem in a few weeks.”

To a question about the spikes of Efi Ahtsioglou who spoke about national sovereignty but not about sovereign rights, Mr. Kasselakis replied: Big mistake. It’s a big mistake. We will protect both of them in full on the basis of international law.”