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SYRIZA: Mr. Mitsotakis with his invincibility will bring another catastrophic lockdown |


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“Mr. Mitsotakis out of place and time, with the pandemic out of control and dozens of deaths, many of which every day outside the ICU, did not more or less accuse the citizens of forgetting the many successes of his government”, says SYRIZA-PS in a statement, following today’s statements by the Prime Minister.

“Success’ that for two years he did not hire a single doctor in the NSS, resulting in third-world images, inadequate ICUs with exhausted doctors wandering around the country, and a series of negative death records per million inhabitants across Europe,” the official comments. and completes:

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“” Success “that it failed miserably to persuade citizens to get vaccinated by sending the wrong message of relaxation to those who have been vaccinated. “” Success “that he now openly devalues ​​scientists and manages the crisis with the sole criterion of satisfying his electoral clientele because he trembles at his Right.”

“From the many successes, he tries to throw the criminal responsibilities of his utter failure again to everyone: to the citizens, to the shopkeepers and of course to his political opponents”, he notes, emphasizing that “as Mr. Mitsotakis plunges the country into failure and its inadequacy, both the cases and the losses will increase dramatically with its signing ”.

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“As long as he does not take things for granted, he will bring another deadly winter closer and, in the end, another catastrophic lockdown that will seal his failure. And the more he loses control and sinks, the more vulgar he will become to hide his responsibilities “, he continues and concludes:” If he can not do the obvious, let him take his wandering troupe and let them go home “.


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