For the intense confrontations between the executives in SYRIZA leading to civil war spoke o party member of parliament Christos Giannoulis on the show “Today” on SKAI stressing that “there is a tension, however, civil war is a heavy word”.

He added that “the election of Kasselakis played a decisive role in changing the mentality of the electoral contest, either the way in which he came down as a candidate or the inaction or untimely perception of the other side of what was happening, led to a result”.

He estimated that the most “wise message is the sharing of the result which perhaps erases the avoidance of division, discord, civil war stating that there are individual cases but the overall picture is that 45% do not split.”

“The next day will be decided by the attitude of the winner and the hubris of the unelected”he said characteristically.

Regarding Ahtsioglou’s attitude, he noted that it was her choice, while refraining from commenting on the strong reaction that several executives have towards the new president, saying that this attitude “doesn’t help to give a year of tolerance to judge on which tracks it puts SYRIZA”.

Regarding the president’s visit to a school for children with disabilities and the way he chose to enter, a fact that was commented negatively, he said that Mr. Kasselakis “will be judged by the way he opposes Mitsotakis with all of SYRIZA without exception”.

Regarding the role of Pavlos Polakis in the party, he said that “SYRIZA is not owned by anyone”.