Institutional and political mishap of the highest risk, which disrespects the most sacred time of local democracy, the pre-election period”, characterized the bill of the Ministry of the Interior for the “reform of the system of governance of the OTAs. and the abolition of Legal Entities”, the Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of PASOK – Movement for Change Evangelia Liakoulis.

“This is not “reformation”, as you advertise in the title of the Bill, this is a distortion”, said the PASOK special marketer and repeated the withdrawal request, which PASOK had urgently formulated a week ago, before the Bill was tabled .

Evangelia Liakoulis accused the government of “small-party expediency” and “old-party gift for blue-collar candidates to lavishly hand out promises to save municipal structures from demolition, or vice versa, depending on the audience».

“For us, for PASOK – Movement for Change, the faction that gave birth to today’s Local Self-Government through historic bold reforms, things are simple and clear. We are standing opposite,” said Ms. Liakoulis and asked them to withdraw:

– The horizontal, mandatory, self-righteous abolition of the approximately 1,200 Legal Entities under Public Law (NPDD) of Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, School Committees.

– The number of dangerous regulations that “play with the dice” on the smooth exercise of responsibilities and the service of our countless fellow citizens.

– The shameful “scum factory” that the government sets up, giving itself the power to keep alive, or not, any Legal Entity that suits the N.D.

– the possibility to take long-term political decisions decisive for the future by Municipal Authorities that may have been defeated in the elections.

– The authoritarian arrangements that shrink democratic dialogue, pluralism, participative functioning and decision-making, with the overthrows in the governing bodies of the OTAs.

– The “tour” meetings.

– The double-speed Deputy Mayors.

– The limitation of rights of the Factions.

– The mockery of the government’s false interest in alleged accountability, at a time when, at the same time, in two articles, the right of the Leading Factions to put agenda items is further limited, until it is abolished.

– The communication mockery of the Government, regarding the alleged introduction of performance indicators, at the moment when only a general wish list is introduced, where it vaguely refers to Ministerial Decisions, as if asking the MPs to sign a blank page.

– The regulations that consolidate the Municipal Councils in a decorative role of “puppet”.

– The fiscal provisions, which perpetuate, as a given normality, the financial misery of the Municipalities, the ineffective “patches” of self-administrative poverty.

– Any definition that leaves room for burdening the K.A.P. of OTA”.

“Last night, again the Thessalian land experienced a night of terror. Our Place is still “wrecked” in the mud, trapped in an indescribable tragedy. My fellow citizens are trembling with fear in front of the impending winter. At this moment of destruction and despair, therefore, the Government, with this Bill, invites us to agree that at the height of winter, on New Year’s Day, the responsibility for cleaning the road network, side streets and slopes must change hands , a responsibility directly related to flooding phenomena in case of faulty exercise, so that where it currently belongs to the Regions, it will pass to the Municipalities”, said the PASOK special buyer and added: “The Municipalities have documented their reservations, but you insist, “de and saves”, by force, to change the responsibility at the most dangerous point of time, in the winter and in fact at the exact moment when the “baton” of the old and new Municipal Authorities will change. You are “out of place and time”.