“We are expecting specific positions and proposals that we did not hear yesterday in his interview,” said government representative Pavlos Marinakis about the new president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis.

While commenting on the video posted today by Mr. Kasselakis from his office in the Parliament, he said: “Because he often visits the parliament, he should not limit himself to walks in the parliament and the restaurant to learn the premises but also to learn some basic principles of parliamentarism.” and added:

“Laws to tell him are voted by majority vote… by deputies he says applause who are the legally elected representatives of the nation. There are also bills that are passed with increased majorities by other parties and his own. I don’t understand what he is trying to say with his post today. Does it challenge parliamentary democracy? majority rule? And what do the members of his party who have passed bills say? And what do the other parties have to say? I think we are not off to the best possible start. We expressed our hope that the country would acquire a serious and reliable opposition. We don’t see it until now. We see the opposite.”

For Mitsotakis’ visit to Malta for MED9

The government spokesman referred to Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ trip to Malta today stating that “immigration with an emphasis on guarding borders and supporting frontline countries, climate change and EU enlargement are on the agenda of the prime minister who “will re-emphasise the need to support frontline countries amid increasing flows.”

“The government will continue guarding the border by expanding the fence and respecting human rights. Emphasis should be placed on cooperation with third countries for returns. Cracking down on smugglers to prevent departures. It was also emphasized yesterday with Kairides and Johansson that the challenges of Greece are challenges of the EU and he assured the full support of the Commission,” he said.

At the same time, he stated that the European Commission is ready to offer financial assistance to Greece and Frontex as well as to additional specialized personnel immediately.