“With the signature of the President of the Parliament, despite the fact that there was not the required majority, the government changed the composition of the National Assembly and completed the parliamentary coup with the midnight publication of the relevant gazette. All this to cancel today’s scheduled meeting of the National Assembly which would assign responsibility and punish the EYP for the scandal of illegal surveillance. As it happened,” says SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in a statement.

“The prime minister, in his anxiety to remain in the dark about the actions of the parastatal based in the Maximos Palace, did not hesitate to violate the Constitution and humiliate the parliamentary procedures, moving the country even further away from European normality.

The government will not avoid its responsibilities for this unprecedented parliamentary coup.

The strong reaction of constitutionalists and the legal world show that the voices for the defense of the Republic are many and loud.

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance will undertake every possible parliamentary and political initiative to protect the Rule of Law”, he adds.