The government’s programmatic commitments will normally continue despite the disasters that have hit the agricultural sector, said the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, during his visit to Drama today, where he met with the regional governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Christos Metios.

He pointed out that the studies of the previous leaderships of the Ministry will be utilized so that by the end of the year the new ELGA regulation will be voted by the Parliament, which will include new risks arising from climate change.

According to an announcement by the FSA, Mr. Avgenakis pointed out that producers who until today either could not or were not required to be insured will be able to be insured.

There will be three levels of insurance, the mandatory, the optional and that of the possibility of cooperation with private insurance companies, while at the same time there will be digital modernization so that damage can be assessed immediately.

He emphasized that for OPEKEPE, joining was in the right direction, however, the necessary steps were not taken by the Organization, adding, according to the same announcement, that a better organizational structure of the Organization and more transparency are needed.

He noted that double taxation at the expense of farmers will end and said: “We want transparency, consistency, respect for the money that the EU gives to farmers. We will not spare anyone. OPEKEPE is not an autonomous state, but an organization that is supervised by HYPAAT and must operate for the good of farmers only”.

The Minister of Rural Development and Food said that the upcoming bill will institutionalize the creation of Farmers’ Departments in the Chambers, while regarding the TOEBs (Local Sanitary Improvement Organizations) he emphasized that with the new year the process to change the existing framework dating from in 1958.

For his part, Mr. Metios underlined that the FSA in collaboration with the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace implements all the European programs, such as the Young Farmers and the Improvement Plans. In addition, he made reference to the special program with Democritus regarding agricultural production and the enhancement of varieties and products.

At the EAS of Drama he was welcomed by the president, Yiannis Eskinoglou, asking him the issues concerning the development of the primary sector, the promotion of the Neurokopi potato and issues concerning the operation of the TOEB, while he asked for the strengthening of cooperative schemes.