“Mr. Kasselakis told SEV two things that impressed me, as Minister of Labor. He said we should re-legislate just cause for firing and introduce hiring restrictions. We have been sitting in the ministry for a whole 24 hours, trying to interpret what a restriction on hiring means. Everything Kasselakis has said to SEV is wrong“, Minister of Labor and Social Security Adonis Georgiadis reported to SKAI and the program “Kalimera” with Giorgos Avtias.

I see Kasselakis until Easter at the most. When he stepped down as leader he ran a brilliant election campaign, from the day Kasselakis was elected he lost his luster“, added Mr. Georgiadis.

Referring to the war in Israel, the Minister of Labor emphasized that “there is not a person on the planet who has not been shocked by what has happened in Israel. We are all watching the developments in Gaza with bated breath. We all want as few civilian deaths and injuries as possible. But after the attack on Israel and the massacres, Israel is bound to make this invasion. What will the Israeli Prime Minister or Minister of Defense say to their people? That they will enter the houses and slaughter the babies and we will not react? Hamas is using the population of Gaza as a human shield to prevent military intervention.”

He also pointed out that “we have never threatened to cut resources from any municipality. Far from us regime perceptions. We will cooperate with the mayors elected by the Greek people.”

Regarding the measures to deal with accuracy, Mr. Georgiadis underlined that “we both see and understand the problem with accuracy. For six months, suppliers will give a 5% discount on specific products. We are trying to find smart ways to the measures that our economy can withstand because we recognize the problem.”