By Antonis Anzoletou

After some time, smiles were recorded in Koumoundourou last night. Not because they achieved a good result, but because of the defeats recorded by New Democracy. Sources spoke of “a great victory for the progressive forces, a crack in the arrogance, the Mitsotakis monocracy and family rule”. As they emphasized, “they rushed to celebrate the first round of the elections and color the electoral map of the country (after they had previously taken care to reduce to 43% the percentage of mayors and regional governors elected from the first round)”.

More specifically than the official opposition, they spoke of a grand and historic victory of the progressive forces in the region of Thessaly, in the municipality of Athens, in the municipality of Thessaloniki and in key areas of the country. In the political message of his President SYRIZA it reflects, as they emphasized, the political value of today’s result for the course of political change: “This is what the progressive world does when it unites. He casts out offspring, motherless, corrupt. Tonight is the first night of joy. Tonight is the first big crack in the Mitsotakis regime.”

From Koumoundourou they pointed out that the election of Stefanou Kasselakis, to throw great political weight into the battle of Thessaly against the blue-collar arrogance, mismanagement and inadequacy that afflicts the people of the region. “Before the first round I said what no party leader has ever said: In the second round, we will support every progressive candidate. Last Sunday I repeated it with passion. This is the new SYRIZA, this is the Modern Left: With one voice, we came together with progress, with people, without deals under the table and without trade-offs,” said Stefanos Kasselakis in a post on social networks.

According to Koumoundourou executives, the great upheaval and change in the municipality of Athens “demonstrates the necessity and importance of the unification of progressive forces for the victory of the unguarded forces of local self-government, against the voracious over-centralizing staff state of the right, nepotism and familism”.

They also pointed out the victory of the progressive forces in the municipality of Thessaloniki with the triumphant victory of the independent candidate Stelios Angeloudis, who had the support of SYRIZA in the second round, against the outgoing mayor.

Great satisfaction at PASOK

From Harilaou Trikoupi they were talking about obvious political conclusions with the victories in Athens, but also the defeat of Konstantinos Zervas in Thessaloniki from the multi-collective ballots that were formed. As they claim, PASOK emerged as the second force in the municipal elections and this was confirmed last night. For the country’s first municipality, they commented that “David defeated Goliath”. It is clear that Nikos Androulakis is now opening his pace to prove that he is the potential official opposition aiming at the European elections in June.