The Political Secretariat of SYRIZA is meeting today in the wake of the results of the local elections for which Stefanos Kasselakis is expected to make an assessment. At the same time, the official opposition party characterizes the reports of tension between Polakis and Charitsi as a product of science fiction.

During the meeting, Mr. Kasselakis is expected to positively assess the party’s clear support in the progressive schemes in the second round, repeating that they brought about the first strong breach in the Mitsotakis system.

At the same time, he will refer to the next moves of the party and will present the road map until the congress, giving particular importance to the need to renew and rebuild the party. The effort will be multifaceted: Continuous deconstruction of the government’s actions but also positive progressive proposals in every policy area, based on the real needs and the participation of society.

Regarding the reports of tension between Polakis and Haritsis at the party’s EPEKE meetingSYRIZA characterizes them product of science fiction. Not only was there no incident, but all those who were actually present speak of the flawless coordination of Pavlos Polakis and the responsible and constructive attitude of all the participants and of course Alexis Haritsis.

Regarding the reports about the lifting of immunity of Mr. Polakis, from Koumoundourou they state that the fact that “SYRIZA is gaining momentum and its executives are responding fully adequately to their duties is not liked by some. In this context, the attacks and the attempt to deconstruct its executives intensify. A typical case is the news about yet another lifting of the immunity of Pavlos Polakis. Not surprising since as is well known, Pavlos Polakis through the Transparency Sector of SYRIZA – PS has revealed a multitude of blue scandals at the expense of the public interest”.