Recep Tayyip Erdogan is bringing his neo-Ottoman dreams back to the surface on the occasion of the Palestinian issue. After the massive, pro-Palestinian gathering in Istanbul, where he referred to the loss of the Ottoman territories by remembering Thessaloniki and cities of North Macedonia, Syria, Iraq and Palestine, on Sunday the Turkish president continued, speaking of the “geography of the heart of” from the Balkans and Palestine to… Africa.

“Today Turkey is the country that takes care of those who have no oneand Turkey is the one who takes care of them, as was the wish of our founder (s.s. Kemal). From the Balkans to the Caucasus, from Asia to Africa from Turkestan to Palestine. Wherever there is one who is helpless, someone with tearful eyes, it is Turkey that runs beside him, lifts him up and eases his pain. It is this people,” he said characteristically as broadcast by Manolis Kostidis.

“Yesterday we not only showed our support to the Palestinian people, but was a message to the “geography of our heart”, that we extend the determination us, our independence and our future and we announce this to the whole world”.

Tayyip Erdogan announced yesterday the construction of a second aircraft carrierwhile for the first time in history, 100 warships of the Turkish Navy sailed through the Bosphorus Straits, including the aircraft carrier TCG Anadolu.

“A while ago you saw the TCG drone ship. Anatolia. With God’s help we will make a new agreement with the Spanish Mrand we will build a larger class ship to have two aircraft carriers” he argued

“No imperialist power he will not be able to prevent the Turkish Republic from being happy, successful and victorious!” explained the Turkish president.