The quality of Democracy in our country is threatened every day by the government and the logic of the RightStefanos Kasselakis said starting his speech to the SYRIZA-PS Parliamentary Group and added:The left-wing, progressive, democratic citizens have always been at the forefront of the struggle for Democracy, social justice and progress, for a fair development and not for the few. For a fair development for the people, not for the few and powerful. For the rights of the weakest, the weakest, the excluded».

He asked rhetorically:is there a substantial separation of powers in our country? or is there a suffocating embrace of executive, legislative and judicial power?». He further argued that the government does not ensure the inalienable rights to education, health, housing, quality of life, security.

The government of Mr. Mitsotakis every day that passes hurts the Democracy and shrinks the rights. It leads society to come to terms with a miserable reality. For a future with low expectations“, he said characteristically. He then explained:For us, democracy is everyone’s right to quality, public and free education and health. Democracy for us is the right of access to education. In education. Democracy for us is being able to plan your future and being able to have access to housing. Where is the right to housing today? With rents skyrocketing, and Mr. Georgiadis having the audacity to tell us that this is positive, because the value of real estate rises, and therefore the property of the owners increases. Democracy is the security of citizens. But security is not just policing. Safety is about people not being afraid to get on a train to travel. Do not fear that in the winter they will drown and be excluded, and that in the summer they will burn. Can we say that at this moment the government of Mr. Mitsotakis, his so-called staff state, guarantees something like this? Because that’s where we’ve reached unfortunately. We live in a country where even for the basics we have to fight and claim them».