“I don’t think I can comment, I’m not an expert on the subject, I know that there are, if not trolls, certainly fanatics from every party direction who intensify the hooliganism that exists in politics” said the coordinator of the “think tank” to SYRIZA D. Voutirakos speaking on the show Today on SKAI regarding the statements of Skourletis about the existence of trolls in Koumoundourou.

Mrs. Voutirakou continued by saying that the election of Kasselakis was done through a democratic process and this should be accepted in order for SYRIZA to proceed unitedly.

He noted that in recent days SYRIZA has begun to show that it prioritizes unity while he said that Mr. Kasselakis brings modernization to SYRIZA and to politics in general.

When asked if SYRIZA can continue united, he replied: “Of course we can all go together, SYRIZA has always been a multi-collective space.”
She even commented that it angers her to live in a country that wants to say it has a democracy but one scandal follows another.

Finally, she said that the brain drain generation, to which she also belongs, must talk about the phenomenon so that appropriate policies can be formulated that will reverse it.