“Greece is one of the first countries to take the initiative for humanitarian aid in Gaza. Greek diplomacy contributed positively to European diplomacy. Our attitude remains humanitarian overall,” the Foreign Minister stressed George Gerapetritisin the Parliament answering a relevant topical question of the “Freedom of Freedom” MP, Alexandros Kazamias, who insisted on “a strict stance by the government towards Israel which commits war crimes and a form of ethnic cleansing”.

The Secretary of State stated that on Monday a Greek C-130 will depart with basic necessities, medicine, food and water which will be transferred to Gaza.

Mr. Gerapetritis referred to the abstention from the vote in the Security Council stressing that It was not a protest, but abstinence as elementary and self-evident content related to the unequivocal condemnation of terrorist acts was not included.

“I myself, until and before the passing of the resolution, was in contact with my counterparts in the Arab world, especially with my Jordanian counterpart. Our attitude remains an overall humanitarian attitude”.

Regarding humanitarian aid, Giorgos Gerapetritis reiterated that the Greek government is in consultation with the counterpart governments of Cyprus and France, “for a project with extremely high technical difficulty, as there is no safe port in Gaza”.

Deuteronomy: There is no color and no nationality in the dead

In his rebuttal, Giorgos Gerapetritis emphasized that “there is a sequence of events that no one can defy. It is not possible to turn a blind eye to the terrorism of October 7”, he said and among other things pointed out that a blank check has not been given:

“The Greek government will remain as active as possible. We do not give a blank check. The current situation has exceeded the necessary limits. Self-defense is an existential right of every state, but it must be exercised within international law. We try to decompress as much as possible, decongest the tension. I was in touch with Josep Borrell. Our foreign policy is based on principles, humanitarianism, in favor of international law.”

Answer to S. Anagnostopoulou: Greek politics is not defined differently

Mr. Gerapetritis described the attitude of “Freedom Sailing” as productive and creative in the context of the humanitarian corridor, while in response to the SYRIZA MP, Sia Anagnostopoulou, who described Greece as “following the US and Israel, without its own policy”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs answered:

“Greek foreign policy is not defined differently and is self-explanatory and self-sufficient. It’s a matter of principles. As long as I am the Minister of Foreign Affairs, there will be no deviation from the principles of our foreign policy.”