Her Alexandroupoli was visited by British Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Mrs Suella Braverman where he was informed in detail about the efforts made by our country to manage immigration. Yes, expressed her warm congratulations to Greece, the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Minister, Mr. Yannis Oikonomou.

Specifically, Mrs. Braverman accompanied by the Minister, Mr. Yiannis Oikonomou and the Deputy Minister, Mr. Kostas Katsafados, spoke of Greece’s enormous success in the fight against illegal immigration.

“This is a global challenge, but we can see here, from what the Greek Government and the Greek Authorities have done, that this is real progress.”

Referring to the fence on the Evros, the British Minister noted that it is a secure land border and added: “a strong fence has been built quickly to provide deterrence, absorbing a huge amount of resources from the police, from the army, from Frontex, for the provision of surveillance”.

The British Minister of the Interior emphasized that our country with these means, but also with collaborations with other countries, has succeeded in marking a “significant reduction of illegal crossings at this land border here, in the Evros”.

“Thank you, Minister, for showing my team and me how you achieved this success and I look forward to working more closely with you to share know-how and expertise,” he said.

For his part, Mr. Yiannis Oikonomou emphasized that “we had the opportunity to present all the actions undertaken by the Greek Police, the Greek Authorities as a whole, with the aim of guarding our borders, dealing with the criminal organizations of smugglers and the ways in which we deal with illegal entry into our country.”

He continued by saying that “we practice a strict but fair immigration policy that has brought results. If one considers where the situation was and what we faced in 2015, 2017 and how it is today. Always alert, always ready, with continuous reinforcement in human resources and in mechanical and technological equipment, with the expansion of the Evros Dam which is an important challenge, an important bet for the Greek Government. We are already progressing the expansion of the new track and are on schedule. You know our will to deploy the Fence along the entire length of the river and of course, to equip the Fence with all the modern surveillance measures required to be as effective as possible.”