“I stay with SYRIZA with Mr. Kasselakis as president”, said the former minister Christos Spirtzis on Monday morning on SKAI and the show ‘ATERIASTOI’.

“What has happened to SYRIZA is a split. This is the result of a presidential election without going to a convention. There was no political disagreement, composition or even rupture and thus took on fan characteristics. From then on, everyone makes their own choices”, he added regarding the rapid developments in the party.

“I think we have to fight hard to represent the broad democratic front”he added.

Asked to comment on the speech of Stefanos Kasselakis, he did not want to take a public position, saying that “what I had to say, I said it to the instruments”, however he added that “he wants time credit”.

Regarding Mr. Ragousi’s statement, Mr. Spirtzis commented: “There are no scenarios where SYRIZA is not the official opposition. There must be initiatives to prevent other members from leaving, we must respect each other.”

“We have work to do from now on. Dissociation can be propulsive“, he emphasized.

“My proposal for cooperation with PASOK remains”

Regarding a scenario of cooperation with PASOK, he said: “We do not have another political step from PASOK so that it can represent the democratic progressive area of ​​the country, if SYRIZA were to dissolve and there was another party that could represent the democratic progressive space I would tell you that the name does not matter. My proposal for association with PASOK remains. When SYRIZA has a split and is in a spiral and the third party remains third, this means something”.

Asked to comment on Ahtsioglou’s statements, he said: “I will not talk about people we have been together in politics”

With reference to a scenario for the placement of Alexis Tsipras, Mr. Spirtzis pointed out: “Alexis Tsipras, in my opinion, should not be nominated. His departure and the start of the election of a president was not accompanied by political procedures and prudence, so it is good that the legacy he has left does not enter into ephemeral conflicts and play the role of cohesion or reunification”, he said and finally added: “I wish Tsipras had the opportunity to unite the space”.