By Antonis Anzoletou

SYRIZA’s problems were not solved with the departure of “Umbrella”. On the contrary. The public spats between executives from the two camps showed that mutual accusations will continue, the circle of introversion will not be closed, while new departures will stigmatize Koumoundourou. In the prefectural committees there is already a wave of flight of many members who belong to the left wing and no longer wish to be in the party.

Nothing is the same in the official opposition anymore and the cycle written from 2012 to the recent national elections has closed.

THE Stefanos Kasselakis with his speech to the Central Committee he showed that he wants to clean up the landscape and those who disagree with the strategy he is following to leave as soon as possible. And that includes her team Efis Ahtsioglou or his Dionysis Tebonera.

The former Minister of Labor and her team held a new meeting yesterday. The fact that on Monday morning, a few hours after the end of the meeting, the negotiations started shows that the “engines have started”. They do not intend to make hasty moves, as they are preparing to hold a nationwide conference early next week.

It is a fact that several opinions have been expressed within the ranks of the group. Everyone agrees that the “glass has broken”, but not everyone is sure that it is the right time to leave. There are also those who see with reservations a partnership with “Umbrella”.

Yesterday’s meeting, according to information, was also attended by Yannis Dragasakis with the historical executive showing with his statement on Sunday evening that he was particularly unhappy with the developments.

In “Umbrella” they are studying their next steps for the formation of the Movement they are preparing. Before the creation of the new party that will contest the European elections, they want to talk to a lot of people, either unaffiliated or disappointed by SYRIZA, which was removed after the defeats in 2019 and 2023.

Speaking on ATTICA TV o Euclid Tsakalotos he said, among other things, that he is interested in the governance of the country and that the goal of “Umbrella” is to form a bloc of forces that will claim to govern the country. “This is what I want to discuss with all parts of the Left, inside and outside SYRIZA”, he emphasized.

Regarding Stefanos Kasselakis, he stated that “there is no politics without ideology” and that only the “anti-Mitsotaki speech” is not enough. He added that it is strange to do politics without analysis.