By Penelope Galliou

Always in the period of intra-party processes, there is an “unwritten rule” between the parties, a term of “political savoir vivre” that wants political opponents to keep a distance from the goings-on and not get involved.

This “grace period” for SYRIZA seems to have come to an end. And this, not only because the internal party procedures have been completed, without ending the turmoil in the party of Koumoundourou, but also because now SYRIZA itself, through its new leader, is now entering the political scene dynamically. It may be that Stefanos Kasselakis is trying to shake up the waters of the Greek political scene a little and thinks that he is embracing the new and the different, but the reality of the political confrontation remains the same and unfathomable over time, with the anniversary of the Polytechnic being “fixed value” contention.

The “spark” ignited on the occasion of a reference by Kyriakos Mitsotakis about “morphoma”, during his interview on SKAI radio and Ari Portosalte, essentially igniting the first face-to-face confrontation between the two leaders.

“I have committed, I have made a promise to myself, not to talk about the internal affairs of SYRIZA. But I don’t think that even the most imaginative screenwriter could have predicted what is happening today in SYRIZA” he initially stated Kyriakos Mitsotakis to then compare “today’s” SYRIZA with Alexis Tsipras’s SYRIZA in toxicity. “The problem of SYRIZA is not current. And I am very impressed how some people suddenly discovered internet trolls. The toxicity, the cynicism. When all these trolls were mobilized by SYRIZA centrally, against political opponents and journalists, they knew nothing , they saw nothing. Now that the perspective of power has gone definitively and irrevocably, all the pathologies of a formation whose essentially only role of existence was power” commented Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

His answer was correspondingly harsh Stefanou Kasselakis who stated that “even a party that governs hand in hand with the Far Right internally (Voridis, Georgiadis, Pleuris) and externally (Velopoulos), personally I would never call it a formation, respecting the democratic vote of the citizens. But this is the difference us” concluded the president of SYRIZA.

The confrontation also extended to the anniversary of the Polytechnic when the Government Spokesman, Pavlos Marinakis, referred to today’s march asking if Mr. Kasselakis will go to it with a Goldman Sachs block. “As for Mr. Kasselakis, he is doing well and will go to the Polytechnic course, I don’t know if he will go with her block SYRIZA Youth or he will build his own block of Goldman Sachs on the way to the American Embassy, ​​so that we now have a new habit” he commented. A report that led to the angry response of the new president of SYRIZA, who spoke of a double display of political immorality by the ND “Through the mouth of a government representative, he believes that anyone who has worked at Goldman Sacks is a potential supporter of the dictatorship in Greece!”.

The remote confrontation continued over the measures to deal with the accuracy. Via facebook this time, Stefanos Kasselakis accused the government of “Interfering in… marketing and canceling the 1+1 offers in supermarkets, under the pretext that citizens are hoarding products! They underestimate the intelligence of citizens, thinking that if they burden them with such indirect ways, they will not understand it” he said, receiving the direct response of the government representative “They will not be abolished in the 1+1 offers. Alas, if we banned a way of selling products, another check and if these offers are offers, if there is a relevant revaluation before they are put on offer” clarified Pavlos Marinakis.

After all this, as a government official commented, the “grace” period for Mr. Kasselakis and the new SYRIZA is over. The reality is here and the government is present to face it, always aiming to improve the everyday life of the citizens and to “fend off” non-existent criticism, which can only cause confusion and toxicity, he commented, giving the context in which the next time the political confrontation between the government and SYRIZA.