The symbiosis of -and- her now seems almost impossible Ahtsioglou team with his SYRIZA Stefanou Kasselakis. After Nasos Iliopoulos, who spoke about the “politics that is the root of the problem”, Efi Ahtsioglou took the baton, who was even more clear in her position at the pan-Hellenic conference, speaking of a “structural gap of style, ethics and political choices’ with the new leadership.

As he pointed out, in fact, the new leadership could move in a different way after the elections in SYRIZAnoting that the required time was given, but the choices made by the party’s new leadership team were divisive.

As can be seen, the majority of the “6+6” is in favor of leaving SYRIZA.

On the same wavelength earlier and Nasos Iliopoulos. In his introduction, he captured the heavy atmosphere that prevails, sending, in essence, a message of resignation to the leadership of the party.

“The crisis in SYRIZA has taken elements of dissolution and the space continues to be at risk of ridicule from the citizens

The root of the crisis is political and the new leadership refuses to accept that and is looking for internal enemies instead of discussing the substance of politics

Obviously this context makes trying to come to an agreement even more difficult

And especially the latest attacks are slowly creating a climate that resembles mud”, Nassos Iliopoulos is reported to have said in his speech, reflecting the general climate and thinking about the next moves of the “6+6”.