“I left PASOK, I didn’t leave politics”said among others Andreas Loverdos in a speech by his political friends and supporters while he added that with his current public position he is formulating the basic positions for political developments without talking about the past but for the future. He declared himself a centrist reformer as, as he said, “you need political will, you need determination, you need know-how to make reforms. What is not needed? Wishful thinking, over-analyses and mental ramblings, phobias”. He defended the changes made during his ministry, such as the fact that public spending on Health was reduced, without burdening anyone with a single euro.

Andreas Loverdos raised bureaucracy and evaluation as a major political issue and supported the creation of non-state non-profit universities

He opposed any cooperation with SYRIZA, and criticized PASOK and what he said Nikos Androulakis for coordination and cooperation of the “progressive forces”. “Let those who support this tell us, first of all, who are these “progressive” forces. With names to talk about collaborations. Because apparently they are not referring to the nephilim. They are referring to SYRIZA. Or at least in some of his pieces. But they don’t dare to say the name either and put up an umbrella that already exists. I dare. As a politician of the Center, I obviously say no in cooperation with those who call themselves progressive, but they proved it to us how it is black darkness. What does the Center have to do with everything we experienced, but also see today happening in SYRIZA”.

“And politics for me is, as I said, first of all ideas and political positions… and from these ideas I do not take a single step back as I never counted the political cost before the common good,” write down.

He strongly criticized the entire opposition saying that “the opposition for the sake of the opposition has always been not only unthinkable to me, but ultimately abhorrent. You cannot put the party above the citizen. It’s miserable, it’s immoral and ultimately it’s useless. We’ve seen the results of this mentality. Polls were held four times from May until today and the result is the same on all four occasions. One big government party and seven small ones. Non-governmental. That’s where the opposition led for the opposition.”

On the war in the Middle East, Mr. Loverdos argued that Hamas are terrorists but “Palestine is not, but Palestine is not Hamas”, criticizing opinions that avoid taking a clear position. Andreas Loverdos observed that hypocrisy and anti-Semitism that rears its head without overlooking the loss of civilians is too much. “Those who see foreign policy as an opportunity for opposition and end up placing themselves uncritically on issues that require responsibility, logic and sometimes courage, do not serve the interests of the country,” he argued.

On the occasion of Immigration, Mr. Loverdos spoke about Islamic terrorism, and emphasized that irregular immigration is the biggest problem of the 21st century, and was in favor of every measure to ensure public safety leaving clear tips about Harry Doukas and his view on cameras.

“Fear is not a political choice.The politician cannot be afraid. Today I came here completely free, fully aware of the debt that weighs on me towards my lifelong commitment to politics. I spoke to you about some of the things that concern us, with courage and honesty… and I give you a word of honor: I will serve these (indicative) positions with all my strength with faith and dedication. I will be present to assist in the reform efforts for the benefit of the country and the people. I will be present at the center of politics.I will be present in any case.”