Today, things in SYRIZA are not pleasant and easy, said MP Olga Gerovasilis, speaking today to SKAI and the program “Simera”.

He said that today the political stake is less than personal confrontations, there are also personal differences, but today a mixture has been created that is difficult to distinguish.

“The situation takes on personal characteristics given that unfortunately there are objections and I don’t mean at the level of the top, but there is diffusion downwards and it is vented on the internet, creating a climate below the circumstances” he noted.

He expressed the assessment that SYRIZA will not be dissolved, because beyond all this there are very serious political stakes that we all recognize.

Referring to the message sent yesterday to the 6+6 group by Stefanos Kasselakis to decide immediately whether to remain in SYRIZA, Mrs. Gerovasili said: “Given that things are moving in that direction and there are postponements, here is a discussion that allows someone to say that whatever is going to happen, let it happen. As an admonition I do not support it, as an acknowledgment of reality it is close to the truth.”

He went on to say that Mr. Kasselakis was elected two months ago and has been under fire since day one. They need to be given time and we must respect the result of the vote, he said, adding that there are also political choices that we do not like when we are in an organized party, but it is the majority opinion.

Regarding the Polaki post about Ms. Anagnostopoulou, she commented that it was not a violation of medical data because it was based on something old and had her consent, but it is an intervention that she does not adopt or support.

“Such interventions add fuel to the fire, this type of personal confrontation is not appropriate for us and only does harm, especially when you are in a stable position and support what society needs, that is, the main opposition party,” he said characteristically.

“We need to quickly get out of this and it would be good to get out without trauma and without the departure of Efi Ahtsioglou’s team” underlined Mrs. Gerovasili.

Regarding the Tsipras intervention, she commented that she will not make suggestions, Mr. Tsipras himself knows very well the place and when and how to intervene and he estimated that the intervention was in the right direction.

Commenting on yesterday’s speech by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he called on him to respect the internal party procedures in the party of the official opposition and described as populist the way in which he characterized the party of the official opposition.

“They are market terms, the country’s prime minister cannot put them in his mouth,” he said.

Finally, he emphasized that the country’s political staff is judged by the ballot box.