About her new position and her responsibilities as the first female secretary of the Political Committee of the New Democracy, she spoke Maria Syregelaon Tuesday morning on SKAI and on the show “Mismatches”.

Regarding her new duties, Mrs. Sirengela said that what she wishes is for the party to gain greater contact with society. “To be in every corner of Greece. To talk to the people, to be close to the problems, to transfer the problems to the government,” he said.
Asked about the grade she gives to the government, she said that it is quite good as, as she said, she was faced with many difficulties.

“I rate the government quite well. The government faced many difficulties. We also had the floods, We responded as best we could. And payments have been made, more than 17 payments have been made and there are still officials from the respective ministry that has responsibility in these areas,” he said.

Regarding the accuracy and initiatives of the government, he stated that “it is an issue that we have raised, we have moved on 3 axes to deal with it” and stated that this has been done with:

– the “permanent price reduction”: I’m going from 800 products have entered. We want to get closer to 1000
– Courts to civil servants
– Supporting families with children with the tax-free allowance