The dominance of New Democracy in the political scene is confirmed by the polling of the polling company Prorata, with PASOK also in this survey in the position of the official opposition. According to the findings of Prorata, SYRIZA and KKE seem to be fighting for the third place. The difference between ND and SYRIZA is 22 percentage points.

More specifically, in the voting intention index (without void-blank and abstention) the electoral influence of ND is recorded at 34%, PASOK at 12%, SYRIZA-PS and KKE at 10.5%, Hellenic Solution at 4 %, Freedom of Navigation at 3.5%, Victory and the Spartans at 2.5%, MeRA25 at 2%, while the percentage of those who say they are undecided amounts to 15.5%.

More important challenge is accuracy

However, 69% assess the country’s current economic situation negatively and only 30% positively, while accuracy is prioritized as the most important challenge in the current period, and secondarily issues related to health, low wages and working conditions. The feeling that prevails in the bosom of society in relation to political and economic developments is disappointment.

Stefanos Kasselakis is sixth in positive judgments

Kyriakos Mitsotakis gathers positive reviews from 33% of public opinion, followed by Dimitris Koutsoubas (23%), Nikos Androulakis (18%), Zoe Konstantopoulou (15%), Kyriakos Velopoulos (13%), Stefanos Kasselakis (11%), Dimitris Natsios (4%) and Vasilis Stigas (3%). In other words, the president of SYRIZA is in sixth place and ahead only of Mr. Natsios of Niki and Mr. Stiga of the Spartans.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis emerges as the most suitable for prime minister with 39%, with Stefanos Kasselakis, Nikos Androulakis and Dimitris Koutsoubas gathering percentages lower than 6% in the relevant index. 39% “do not trust any political leader to be prime minister of the country”.

69% believe that SYRIZA will be harmed by the withdrawals

As for the developments concerning SYRIZA-PS, public opinion believes that PASOK (35%) and ND (33%) will benefit from the current situation. 24% estimate that the recent executive departures will ultimately benefit SYRIZA-PS, while 69% think they will harm it.

Regarding the current intention of the electoral behavior of the citizens who voted for SYRIZA in June, as 12% are heading to the KKE, 10% to PASOK and 5% to the ND. Another party declares 8.5%, a percentage that also declares undecided, while abstention or invalid / white chooses 7%.

42% want a new party on the Left

42% of public opinion believes that there is a need to create a new left-wing parliamentary party, a view shared by 44% of those who voted for SYRIZA-PS in June 2023.

At the same time, 11% of the public opinion considers it absolutely (4%) or quite (7%) likely that they would vote in the next elections for a party that would be created by executives who are currently leaving the main opposition party.