With a letter, 18 top officials of the SYRIZA PS in Magnesia announced that they are leaving the party of Stefanos Kasselakis, creating additional tremors in the fragile balance.

Among them the candidate for parliament and former secretary of N.E. Mattheos Dramitinos, the former secretaries Kostas Vogiatzis and Michalis Kastrinakis and the former candidate for parliament G. Antoniadis.

In the resignation letter they state:

The situation reached an impasse. The party that dared to form the first government of the Left in Greece was mercilessly attacked. The anti-SYRIZA front entered the party. Mr. Kasselakis, as a professed messiah, has nothing to do with the Left. Every day he dismantles key positions of SYRIZA and engages with incredible speed in a violent mutation of it. He repeatedly insulted the values, history and constitution of SYRIZA. He expresses personal opinions that resonate and are identified with the anti-SYRIZA front, without consulting the party’s organs. He went so far as to effectively abolish the Central Committee. A body that is prohibited from voting on proposals that are tabled, that is prohibited from taking decisions, ceases to exist. And if there is no K.E. how can there be a democratic party.

We who sign this text met in SYRIZA from different political and social paths, at the peak moment of unity and composition of the Greek Left, in the post-colonial era. We all put into practice the culture of composition, with respect for the expression of every different point of view of the left and progressive ideas.

We are proud of the battle that SYRIZA gave to the government. In difficult circumstances, with the economy bankrupt and our efforts undermined by the political system that bankrupted the country and the economic establishment, we got the country out of the memorandums, with a clean runway and with society standing.

Unfortunately, in the same period, and especially after the 2019 elections, we did not take care of the political functioning of the party – in the name of a blurred and as it turned out ineffective enlargement. Mainly, however, we failed to strengthen social movements and trade unions as a powerful factor in the country.

We disagreed with the procedures for electing the President and the Central Committee, but we participated in the process, respecting the outcome. The process and subsequent developments confirmed our reservations. We also bear part of the responsibility, as we consented to the holding of the conference after the election of the president, in violation of our principles.

We consider the culture of chauvinism, messianism and seeking an internal enemy to be foreign to the values ​​of the Left. The increasing toxicity in the public sphere, with a parallel liquidation of the organizational function, invalidates the political function.

We cannot remain apathetic in discrediting politics. We cannot accept the political hostage treaty as potential “burdens”, “underminers” and “renegades”.

We honor our history and collective struggles. We believe that the Left is a necessity and governability presupposes it. Only with a composed left proposal can we defend the people’s interests, claim the government with credibility and pave the way for an alternative development model for the benefit of the people.

We believe that political credibility and personal dignity cannot be served in these circumstances. We understand that many, many comrades hope that the situation can change. May the developments vindicate them. We don’t think so. In any case, we will meet in the struggles for a society with justice, without inequalities, with care for the weak, for socialism with democracy and freedom.

We, who sign this text, no longer have anything to do with the party of Mr. Kasselakis.

Our wish is to join the effort to create a new body with the body of the Renewal and Radical Left.

Andritsou – Chordaki Marina, member of the SYRIZA Prefectural Committee of Magnesia, former parliamentary candidate, Southeastern Volos Members Organization

Antoniadis Yiannis former, OM NA Volos, former candidate, member of parliament

Vogiatzis Kostas, OM of Western Volos, former Coordinator of NE Magnesia

Dramitinos Manthos, OM SE of Volos, former Coordinator of NE Magnesia, member of NE Magnesia, candidate Member of Parliament in recent elections

Drolia Smaragda member of OM Almyros

Gandzou Afroditis member of OM Agrias, municipal councillor

Kastrinakis Michalis, OM D. Volos, member of the NE Press Office

Mitsikosta Rita, member of OM BA Volos

Batzouki Cleopatra, member of OM NA Volos

Economidis Dimitris member of OM BA Volos

Oikonomou Litsa member of OM NA Volos

Nikolaos Palamiotis, member of OM NA Volos

Stamboulis Giorgos member of NA Volos

Tsinopoulos Vassilis, member of NA Volos

Giorgos Tozidis, member of the OM of South Pelion, member of the Department Secretariat

Economic Policy

Chekos Lefteris, member of OM BA Volos

Tsokaras Christos former Coordinator of OM Almyrou

Chronis Kostas member of OM West Volos