By Penelope Galliou

A few days ago the Prime Minister during his visit to Keratea he gave the stamp of the policy he is determined to follow during the new four-year term. “We don’t reserve our tours only for the pre-election period” he said addressing the citizens, and this is intended to do, according to close associates, “to remain next to the citizens with proposals and solutions” as they say. To continue to be next to the citizen and his problems and to work for their solution and the “improvement of everyday life” as Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself repeatedly and emphatically states in almost every public intervention.

He also “certified” this tactic during his presence in the Parliament yesterday for the reconstruction of the “wounded” Thessaly and Evros, this effort is also demonstrated by the legislative initiatives he has promoted so far to relieve the affected, the vulnerable and those which may have wronged past policies.

In a political juncture where a wide lead of the ND over the other parties has been “consolidated” and the crisis in the opposition parties is plaguing their leadership and alienating their voters, Palace of Maximos and Piraeus it seems that they are not complacent and under no circumstances, as the prime minister warned his officials, should they display “arrogant attitudes”. On the contrary, everyone’s commitment concerns the implementation of pre-election commitments and the ND program with priority on bold reforms, as the Prime Minister said, which will bring further improvement to citizens’ daily lives.

This is where the difference with the opposition parties is focused, government sources comment, and contrast yesterday’s presence of the prime minister in Parliament and the other leaders of the opposition. “We have an opposition that zeroes in on everything, says “no to everything” and at the end of the day it doesn’t even have any counter-proposals,” said the government representative speaking on state television. After recognizing the problems faced by the Greeks, Mr Pavlos Marinakis he emphasized that “we are not saying that there are no problems. We see the problems and try to solve them in the best possible way. Did you hear any specific counterproposal from the opposition in Parliament. They don’t like cameras, they don’t like smartphones, they don’t like the extra staff, they don’t think the way these people are financed, the compensations that are given today, is correct. We didn’t hear anything,” he said.

With these data and the intentions of the government, the prime minister will continue the barrage of contacts he is carrying out with the new regional governors that the municipal elections in October, in order to have the same image but also contact and with the aim of a good cooperation that will act as reinforcements in the promotion of government policies and the implementation of interventions by region. In this context, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is today visiting Fthiotida, where he will speak at the opening of the Port of Agios Konstantinos, then he will visit Kammena Vourla and then he will visit the construction site of the Bralos – Amfissa highway.