With yesterday’s departure, the 45 SYRIZA MPs become 36, but the situation of introversion that was a very abnormal period for SYRIZA will stop, commented Giorgos Tsipras speaking to SKAI and the “Today” show.

He estimated that the departure will not particularly affect the party and commented that those who left “were relatively big names when they were in SYRIZA”.

He added that he wants the debate about undermining SYRIZA to end and wished them “good luck”.

Regarding the reasons for leaving, he characteristically said: “Obviously there was no reason for leaving, it was the first split worldwide without a political dispute.”

When asked if SYRIZA moved from the Left, as criticized by those who left, Mr. Tsipras replied: “When did we catch up?”.

And he continued by saying that in the space of the Left there was an effort with the sole mission of preventing SYRIZA from going high. “They are suffering in vain” he said and added that the point is to express society.

Asked about him Alexis Tsipras noted that the development was not pleasant even for the one who built SYRIZA.

When asked where Alexis Tsipras belongs, he answered: “Alexis Tsipras belongs to SYRIZA. Perfect there.”

Finally, he commented that there is room in the center and that it is a failure of the others that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has taken over the political space from the right to the center.

You will have to wait a few more months to see where the situation is, George Tsipras commented on the result of yesterday’s SKAI poll and added that the situation “obviously changes” the exit.