To a question from the deputy of the “Niki” party, Aspasia Kouroupakis, she answered Domna Michailidou, Deputy Minister of Education, Religious Affairs and Sportswith reference to sex education course which is included in the Skill Workshops.

Mrs. Kouroupaki asked to abolish the crucial course of sexual education, which concerns the health, emotional maturity and sociability of every person.

As Mrs. Michailidou informed from the floor of the Parliament:

“The content of the course is fully adapted to the age of the children and the actions proposed are subject to specific ethical rules and specifications in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and guided by the principles of the European Strategy for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Children should be informed without taboos about sexual health issues in order to acquire responsible sexual behavior, not to expose themselves to danger and to understand consent as a necessary condition for any sexual act.

Within the safe and protected environment of the classroom and with access to correct and scientifically documented information, valid and scientifically appropriate educational material, students learn their rights over their bodies, discussing issues that concern them.

Thus, respect and acceptance of the rights of others, gender equality and the ability to make decisions are cultivated. Sexual education is a right of children and adolescents and an obligation of the State to provide it”.