By Antonis Anzoletou

In Harilaou Trikoupi they argue that the return of PASOK is here to stay. They are now moving at the pace of a potential official opposition and are waiting to see the exact imprint that the new split of SYRIZA will leave with the departure of the “Ahtsioglou group”. In the Parliament, the change is not only negligible. SYRIZA was left with 36 MPs the moment that PASOK lists 32. The steps they take in the “green camp” are cautious, knowing that the restoration of the dipole with the New Democracy still has a way to go. Reducing the gap with Kyriakos Mitsotakis is not a simple matter. The European elections will be a milestone for the consolidation of PASOK and the emergence of SYRIZA from the top of the pyramid of the political scene.

In the Central Committee Nikos Androulakis stated that “the goal is not to overcome SYRIZA, but to win the New Democracy so that the country can change the page and the Greek people have a perspective”. He seems to be winning by his choice not to pursue a tactic to attack Stefanos Kasselakis. He followed the logic of “ripe fruit” towards him and with the exception of his reference to Kostas Simitor collisions have so far been avoided. On Tuesday, at an event attended by both political leaders, “the place froze” from the formal handshake they exchanged.

What do they want to clean up in Harilaou Trikoupi? How the change in the political scene is not solely due to the steep decline of SYRIZA, but in the work done within the party. For this reason in the next period they will focus on presenting complete proposals for all issues. They will raise the opposition tones towards the government and Nikos Androulakis will be constantly close to the base with many visits to the region. In short, they want the positive vote of the progressive world and not just the negative one because of the split in SYRIZA. The conventional opposition has proven to be incapable of winning social forces that now see the New Democracy as the only way out.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether future openings should be bolder. Consolidating PASOK in second place with a percentage close to 15% will be a victory, but it could be called anemic. The government perspective can only come if the psychological threshold of 20% is overcome. And no one can know what will happen to the new political formation that emerged from the bowels of SYRIZA. That is, if he manages to stop the leaks to PASOK or even to “repatriate” some people in the name of the new unified renewal left that does not entrench itself and looks towards the center.

The “reservoirs” from which Harilaou Trikoupi draws this period are specific. It is addressed to the disillusioned SYRIZA voters who preferred the pink ballots until the recent municipal elections. They are also eyeing those who belong to the anti-right bloc, but they did not consider it appropriate to go to the polls neither in 2019, nor in 2023. In any case, the wider area of ​​the center that also approaches the New Democracy has been put under the “microscope” in order to find the better approach.