Maria Olsen talked about the extremely close relationship between the USA and Greececharge d’affaires at the US Embassy in Athens during the discussion organized by the Delphi Economic Forum with the support of NATO on the topic: “From Ukraine to the Middle East: Implications for the security of Greece and the wider region”.

“Greece is a wonderful NATO ally and a wonderful diplomatic partner,” he noted and thanked the country for helping to evacuate American citizens at the start of the conflict in Israel.

He noted that all assistance requested from the Greek government was provided, while the organization of charter flights coming through Athens International Airport was extremely easy, which is not always the case when it comes to consular matters.

She herself referred to the importance of the port of Alexandroupoli now, but also when the time comes for the reconstruction of Ukraine from a strategic point of view. “Greece is a huge ally and partner in NATO in this regard,” he pointed out.

Asked about Erdogan’s visit, he pointed out that the relationship between neighbors is always important and the US encourages talks between Greece and Turkey, while he praised Greece’s willingness to resolve problems with its neighbors through diplomacy.

We hope the visit goes well enough and we will follow it up,” he concluded.